2020-09-26 (Saturday)
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The Transport Bureau will start installing the in-vehicle monitoring device on taxis this month. 

But some taxi drivers think they are paying too much for the system's deposit.

A taxi group meanwhile hopes that the authority can better explain to the industry the process to apply for an electronic taxi driver permit.  

The new Taxi Law has mandated the installation of a GPS device, as well as audio and video recording systems on local taxis.

All taxies should have the device installed before December 3th, and drivers must have the electronic taxi driver permit to provide service.

But some drivers think the 5,000-pataca deposit for the device is too much.

«(The fee) is for sure too high. It shouldn't be 5,000 patacas. The installation of the in-vehicle devices is not required by the drivers but by the Transport Bureau. Let's put it simply: the contract of the eight-year taxi license does not (require) the installation of the in-vehicle device.»

«I will install it on August 18. (Do you know you have to pay a deposit?) I know, 5,000 patacas deposit is required. (Do you think the cost is high?) I can't do anything about it, it's just like this, could I not install it? I can't work without installing it.»

According to the Transport Bureau, 46 taxis have made appointments to install the device this month,

And almost 4,300 people have received the electronic taxi driver permit.

But the head of a taxi group hopes that the authority can better explain the application procedure to the industry.

«As there is an electronic driver's permit, you must use the card to see which driver is driving which vehicle at a particular time. I think most car owners know it's necessary to install this system, but it does not mean that all drivers know they need to have an electronic work permit, and there might be more people who do not understand the purpose of the permit. In fact, we must pay attention to the installation of the in-vehicle device, but the most important thing is the electronic work permit. I think it should be a priority

He also said that some drivers are experiencing difficulties due to the epidemic, 

And some car owners or drivers might postpone the installation of the device.