2020-09-26 (Saturday)
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Authorities announced new anti-epidemic measures including a mandatory nucleic acid test result issued within the past 72 hours for those arriving from Hong Kong.

Starting August 4th at 6 pm, anyone coming in from the neighboring SAR is still required to undergo a 14-day quarantine in a hotel designated by the Health Bureau.

Authorities today also announced they would stop emitting physical copies of the nucleic acid test results, linking the test information to the online health code within 24 hours of the test results.

For those that require a physical copy, such as for airlines, they can still apply for one but must show a valid reason, such as a plane ticket, and it can be picked up within two working days after taking the test.

No extra fee is charged.

Authorities were also questioned today on their plans for vaccinating the population once a successful vaccine is available.

«We need to observe the result of those vaccines. If, after they have passed three phases of clinical testing – for example, if a vaccine is only 50 percent effective and another is 70 percent – we have to observe all of the facts and do a comparison, and only then will we opt for a type of vaccine.

And regarding the location of production, if the effect is similar, based on scientific data, we will opt for a vaccine with the best effect. But obviously, at this moment that's our perspective because suppose that there is a vaccine factory in the mainland and they can supply a vaccine and the whole world wants to acquire that vaccine, will they have enough vaccines to supply Macau? We don't know.»

The official notes that five different types of vaccines are currently under development worldwide and that they are in contact with suppliers in numerous countries to assure vaccination for the population.

Currently, authorities are unsure as to whether residents will have to pay for the vaccines or the possible price for them, but noted that they would concentrate on vaccinating the most at-risk groups first.

And that currently, all vaccines in Macau are opt-in, none are mandatory.

Regarding recovered Covid-19 patients, authorities today also noted that their recovery is going well and their physical conditions are at a very satisfactory level.

Authorities today also announced measures for the crew from cargo ships who have to regularly go to Hong Kong, they will have a special transport arranged to take them between the SARs.

And that, when in Macau, they are confined to hotels for medical observation but they can interact with other crew members from the same company.

They are not allowed to be in contact with the general public.