2020-09-30 (Wednesday)
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Local taxis are now in the process of installing the new vehicle intelligent terminal system.

One driver said installation takes too long while the supplier explained that because the device is new and there are different types of taxis, it will take time for them to adjust to the set-up process.

Macau's taxis are gradually replacing the old meter terminal systems with a more modern version.

The new intelligent terminal system is now operated with a touch screen and is compatible with contactless payment.

However, a taxi driver who took his vehicle to get updated this morning found that the installation process takes too long.

«Maybe they are still not very familiar with the process now.  It would be better if it could be done faster in the future.  It would be best if it could be shortened to 2 hours. It is new equipment.»

The terminal's supplier said that the installation of the new systems will be gradual to give their staff time to adjust as well as allowing the taxi industry to get used to it.

«There are 29 types of taxies in Macau.  It is unlike in other regions where there are fewer model types. Macau is quite special.  Therefore, initially, we will install the new system on fewer vehicles. At the later stage, we will keep up with the progression.  We estimate that we can install on at least 60 taxis this month.»

The supplier says that with the current economic environment, they are allowing taxi license holders to pay for the 5,000 pataca deposit in two installments and that this, along with the 300 patacas monthly rental fee, covers repair and maintenance fees.

By December 3 of this year, all Macau taxies will be required to have the new terminal system to continue operating.