2021-01-22 (Friday)
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The environmental authority is waiting for consulting firms' opinions to see if Macau can create new landfills in its maritime area.

An official has referred to Semakau Island in Singapore as a possible model.

While experience from nearby regions shows that a disposal charge can reduce the volume of wastes disposed at the landfill by up to 30 per cent,

This still cannot resolve the fundamental issue, that the landfill is already full.

The Environmental Protection Bureau says a long-term solution is to create new landfills in Macau.

But it has proven nearly impossible to find suitable locations within the lands of Macau.

The authority has thus commissioned consultancies to study the feasibility of using the maritime area of the SAR.

«Like Singapore, everybody knows that there are a landfill and ecological island. It is to build the bank in the sea and put the construction waste there like a landfill. After reclamation, the location can become an ecological tourism hotspot. We are in this direction to see if we can have a similar project in our maritime jurisdiction.»

But before that or any other temporary solutions are proposed, the overflowing landfill in Taipa is still the only destination for construction materials.

The authority is calling on the public to think twice before starting a house renovation.

It also hopes that the construction industry can adopt advanced construction techniques to reduce construction waste.