2021-01-22 (Friday)
19oC / 80%Céu


Residents and industry stakeholders reacted to the government's plans to set up a mandatory registration system for take-out and online shops.

Take-away stores and online shops in Macau have so far not been regulated by the licensing system, but the government is currently drafting legislation to change this.

It plans to mandate that there has to be an actual store and cannot be operated from residential places.

During TDM Radio phone-in programme, citizens expressed their concerns.

An IAM Advisory Committee member says that the statutory registration system would help to regulate the take-out shops.

Meanwhile, someone from the catering industry supports the plan, reasoning that regulating the stores will protect and benefit residents.

The manager of a takeaway order platform finds that in general, customers are concerned about the shops' hygiene, delivery time, and food quality.

Currently, those who wish to be part of their catalogue have to be inspected in-person and have their overall environment assessed.