2021-01-22 (Friday)
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This year’s edition of the Macau City Fringe Festival will feature more interactive art performances, with the “On-Site” programme making a comeback.

Its art director said their goal is to further reach out to more locals and open the stage for those who want to showcase their talent.
Collective experiences and a wider community reach are among the goals of the organisers of the Macau City Fringe festival this year.

For this edition, organisers are opening up the stage for people who want to be a part of the event by showcasing their creativity.

From the bustling public markets to the iconic tourist spots across the city, the festival this year is designed to be more accessible to a wider audience.

Be it the young or the young at heart, experienced dancers or the differently-abled individuals, Fringe City festival welcomes locals to take part.

«We want more people to watch what we’re doing and for them to understand down. This is our main target, our main goal. They want to know more than they will start to look for our workshop, they start to look for our step in the theatre. And they start to want to talk more to the artist.»

Mao is the artistic director of the On-Site programme and also a choreographer.

On-Site will present four dance shows, dance workshops, and interactive sessions.

His goal is also for the locals to step forward and strut it out.

«The most important thing dance is you don’t need to talk. You’re using your body to represent your emotion. I think this is important to let people like you have more range to cover more people to understand what you want to say. At the same time, we bring the show to the audience.»

The festival has 18 programmes and 17 outreach activities in their lineup, from contemporary dance to theatre and other installations.

Among them is the contemporary dance show, Body Traveller, Improv Flash Mob, which features impromptu performances with local musician Bruce Pun playing a piece of improvised music and dance moves, among many other artistic displays.

There will also be workshops, training sessions, and other seminars from featured artists.

The festival will be held between January 20 to 31 across different venues in the city.