2021-04-11 (Sunday)
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A sports club says a lack of sports facilities in the city could lead to more injuries and accidents.

The group is calling on the government to include more running facilities and trails in future urban plans.

New gyms are popping up everywhere and the multiple marathons and running events organised throughout the year often get fully booked fast.

But during TDM's current affairs radio programme, callers pointed out that the city's sports facilities are not serving users well enough.


«Macau Stadium is opened for people to use from 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning. The other time slots are for sports groups to book. I think it's a little wasteful. I live nearby and sometimes when I look down, there's no one using it. It's empty.»


«Many people in Macau work in shifts. I suggest opening the pools for 24-hours. Currently, many people can't go swimming at night.»

Member of the Central District Advisory Committee Chu Oi Lei said in the forum that some sports groups are training at public facilities less frequently because of the pandemic.

She thinks the bureau could allow the public to use the empty slots.

CHU OI LEI  -Member of Central District Advisory Committee

«The bureau might adjust the current public opening hours so more citizens can use the facilities. Sometimes some venues are booked out for private use but some citizens might not know that. Through which channels could they check this information to avoid going there for nothing?»

The Vice Director of the Macau Marathon Promotion Club says that there is a lack of track facilities in Macau.

He pointed out that, with more people living in the region, popular running spots such as the Reservoir and Guia Hill are often full, forcing some to train on the streets which could be a safety hazard.

WU KUONG SANG - Macau Marathon Promotion Club

«Running on the streets is dangerous. I find that some of the road bricks like the red or grey ones tend not to be stuck firmly. Only the sand and rocks are firmly placed. They could become loose when they are overused. I've also experienced bricks popping up when I step on it. This could injure the foot easily and poses a risk to citizens.»

Wu Kuong Sang says that he also expects the government to reserve more running trails for people to use in future urban planning.