2021-04-11 (Sunday)
21oC / 82%Céu


During the Ching Ming Festival and Easter Holidays, Macau welcomed 99,568 visitors, with an average daily volume of almost 20,000 visitors. The average hotel occupancy rate was 53.1%. 

Provisional figures revealed that Macau registered 99,568 visitor arrivals during the five-day holidays of Easter and Ching Ming Festival together this year, including a total of 90,491 Mainland visitors. The volumes of visitors from Hong Kong and Taiwan region (without international visitors) were 7,678 and 1,399 respectively. Mainland visitors constitute over 90% of all visitors to Macau. 

Figures provided by industry operators revealed that local hotel establishments saw an average occupancy rate of 53.1% between 2 – 6 April. The occupancy rates of 3-Star to 5-Star hotels were 59.0%, 53.4% and 53.2% respectively. 

The average room rate of hotel establishments (hotels and guest houses) in Macau was about 953.2 patacas between 2 – 6 April. The average room rates of 5-Star and 4-Star hotels were around 1,142.2 patacas and 654.1 patacas respectively. The average room rates of 3-Star and 2-Star hotels were around 557.4 patacas and 206.4 patacas respectively. The average room rate of guest houses was around 160.8 patacas. The average room rate of all hotel establishments dropped by 23.3% compared with that during Spring Festival Golden Week. 

Following the reinstatement of travel permit issuance for Mainland residents to Macau since 23 September 2020, Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO) has been strenuously promoting Macau as a healthy, safe and quality destination to attract Mainland visitors for travel and spending in Macau. The “Beijing Macau Week” and the “Macau Week in Hangzhou” were organized last September and this March respectively to showcase the city’s diverse offer of fascinating travel experiences as well as commercial opportunities to locals and visitors in the respective Mainland cities. Furthermore, the Office has been exploring and leveraging different channels including various media, KOLs, social media and online travel platforms in the Mainland to raise Macau’s profile as a safe and quality destination. More promotional efforts will be rolled out to seize the timing of the upcoming 1st May Labor Day holiday, with the hope to draw more Mainland visitors to Macau for vacation and spending, in turn expanding visitor source and spurring economic revival.