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 2021-09-26 (Sunday)
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The Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ) announced that around a dozen of local schools have signed up for the outreach vaccination service.

The service is being promoted together with the Health Bureau and it aims to extend the outreach vaccination programme to the non-higher education sector.

The bureau hopes to roll out the scheme in one to two weeks and will be able to offer jabs to students and teachers in the respective schools.

WONG KA KI - Head of Non-higher Education Department, DSEDJ

«More than 150 people from those schools have signed up.  We would work with the staff from the Health Bureau to go to the schools. More than 10 schools have reached the threshold for in-school vaccination. The others would go to other places. So, there are more people getting inoculated. I think the education sector had already organised one to two times some groups and teachers to get vaccinated in the past. The teachers are very proactively. For the relevant measures, we would continue to carry out in-school promotions to allow parents, students, or teachers to understand the information of vaccination.»

Given the new guidelines by the Covid-19 response and coordination centre that ask individuals to get vaccinated if they would be in touch in person with others during their work, the official was asked if vaccination is mandatory for teachers.

Otherwise they will have to do a NAT test on a weekly basis.

He says the education bureau will meet with the education sector and discuss the details of the guidelines.

Wong Ka Ki was speaking during a press conference after a Youth Affairs Committee meeting.

In the meeting, DSEDJ has introduced to committee members the Parental Education Centre, established in the beginning of the year.

The bureau also noted that toddler education institutions can display the national flag to students or hold flag hoisting ceremony if conditions are met.