2021-10-16 (Saturday)
23oC / 97%Céu


The Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) announced that the operation of subsidized nursery facilites, non-residential and non-emergency social facilities in Macau will be suspended until  the 3rd of October.

However, residential homes and emergency support services will remain open during this period.

IAS also recommends that all non-subsidized facilities cooperate and follow the above-mentioned epidemic prevention measures.

During this period, family visits to residents’ rooms will remain suspended in all nursing homes and rehabilitation homes. Family members can contact the facility for advance appointments to meet with the residents in the visiting area of the facility, or to communicate with bedridden residents by video calls. Furthermore, the activities organized by the IAS and visits to the exhibition area of senior apartments are also suspended during the set period.

The IAS hopes that the public will understand and cooperate with the measures. The resumption of the facilities will be announced later following the evolution of the epidemic. In case of need, the public may check with the respective facilities for operational arrangements.