2021-10-16 (Saturday)
23oC / 97%Céu


The Judiciary Police is calling on the public to be alert for people who may try to impersonate a COVID-19 nucleic acid testing staff member.

The authorities say that, on Saturday (September 25), a resident reported to have received an unsolicited phone call with the prefix “+853” from someone claiming to be a COVID-19 nucleic acid testing staff member.

The caller pointed out the insufficient test registration data of the victim and asked for personal identity information.

The victim thought the telephone number was suspicious, suspecting that the caller impersonated government quarantine personnel to commit fraud, therefore refused to provide the information and immediately hanged up.

Last month, the Judiciary Police issued a police information circular to remind members of the public to guard against fraudulent phone calls impersonating government departments.

Yesterday, a telephone fraud of similar modus operandi was again reported, indicating that unruly elements are trying to defraud the residents by taking advantage of the pandemic or people’s livelihood issues of recent concern to commit fraud.

A few years ago, fraud cases involving impersonation of government entity personnel had caused huge losses, the Judiciary Police once again calls on the public to stay vigilant against fraud and avoid being taken advantage by the unruly elements.