2021-10-16 (Saturday)
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The company responsible for the design of the Light Rapid Transit East Line says it has almost completed the preliminary design.

It also announced that the design team has chosen different structural designs for different water areas. 

The preliminary design of the LRT east line is almost completed,

according to the China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance & Design Institute Company, which is responsible for the design. 

The railway line is planned to be built underground.

The company’s Deputy Chief Engineer says the geological structures of sewage pipes, fairways, infrastructures near the sea are different, so it needs to consider the effects on the nearby facilities.

XU GONGYI - Deputy Chief Engineer, China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance & Design Institute Co.

«There are different structures and technical conditions in different sea areas. We need to depend on the requirements of the rail transit system to design the corresponding civil engineering structure to make the project safer and more reliable.»

The East Line consists of six stations with a total length of about 7.65 km connecting the Border Gate and the Pac On Ferry Terminal.