2021-10-16 (Saturday)
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The Productivity and Technology Transfer Center is working to co-organize a workshop to share the latest information regarding the use of drones.

Macau is following a worldwide trend of increased use of drones both for business and leisure purposes.

And the Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre joined hands with a local association to organize a workshop about the industry’s latest trends.

SHUEN KA HUNG - Director, Productivity and Technology Transfer Center

«Drones have experienced nearly a century of development.  It was only for military purposes at the early stage.  As costs lowered, they became common.  By now, it is flexibly used in different scenes and areas, especially in business.  I believe that in the foreseeable future, online purchases or takeout deliveries might be conducted by drones.»

The Macau Aerial Photography Association stated that in 2015 only a few people were employing drones.

So far, more than 5,000 photographers, both amateurs and professionals, are using them.

The association has noticed that more and more government departments and companies are also using drones to film.

HONG U TAK - Director, Macau Aerial Photography Association

«Besides the aerial filming for personal use, now some governmental departments could carry out some sea area patrol, inspect project construction sites, or building construction safety patrols. Some even involve the conservation of the exterior walls of the cultural heritage.  And some drone techniques are used to carry out data collection, pictures, and video information collection.»

The association director noted that in recent years, many schools have also used drones when teaching science.

Adding that Macau still lacks professional training programmes for drones.

He called on the government to provide suitable assistance to nurture the professionalization of drone usage in Macau.