2021-10-16 (Saturday)
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The Health Bureau found loopholes in the quarantine hotel which employed both Nepalese non-resident workers who were found to be infected with the novel coronavirus.

The Healt Bureau director, Alvis Lo, announced that the hotel's testing process will be reviewed.

ALVIS LO - Director, Health Bureau

«We will ask all quarantine hotels and assist them in a comprehensive review of their implementation of infection control measures. We will re-examine our guidelines' performance and strength training to do a detailed and thorough review.»

As for the duration of this round of epidemic prevention measures, the Health Bureau director added that it would be based on the Red and Yellow Code Areas results and their close contacts.

At the same time, the second round of compulsory mass testing began at 3 pm on Saturday.

The government sent an inspection group to examine the whole process of testing.

The Deputy Director of the Education and Youth Development Bureau, Kong Chi Meng, said the ratio of oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal swab tests is set according to the ratio of citizens' self-paid testing, which is about 60% of the oropharynx and 40% of the nasopharynx.

He has also added that if people arrive on time, they will not queue for too long, compared to the last round of testing, since the whole process is well-prepared this time.

ALVIS LO - Director, Health Bureau

«Compared with the last round of testing, we have put so much effort into it this time. And there is an immense improvement, including adding sampling points and classifying them into several categories, such as general stations, self-paid stations and caring stations, so that the public will be familiar with our regulations.

According to the current allocation, more than 300,000 samples can be sampled in about one day.»

Hundreds of medical team volunteers, more than 1,000 teachers and young volunteers were recruited for this testing.

Before the testing began, the staff had arrived at 1 pm to prepare for it.

In response to the latest epidemic in Macau, the immigration measures between Zhuhai and Macau have been tightened again.

From 6 am on September 26 to midnight on September 29, people who enter Zhuhai must be quarantined for 14 days, except for specific personnel.

Regarding the effects of the measures on the gaming industry ahead of a weeklong holiday in China, Credit Suisse analysts led by Kenneth Fong wrote today in a note cited by Bloomberg that payers may also cancel their trips ahead of time on concerns that they may need to be quarantined when they return to China. This will depend on the evolution of the pandemic situation in Macau.